The Body Shop – Strawberry Born Lippy

Strawberry Born Lippy™ main view


Hi everyone, hope you are having a fabulous day so far! This a quick review on my favourite lip balm ever!!! This is the Strawberry Born Lippy from The Body shop, it comes in heaps of flavours and they all smell good enough to eat. The strawberry is my all time favourite purely because of the colour, it gives you the most gorgeous red tint to your lips and is so hydrating. Whenever I use this lip balm my lips become so soft and moisturised, and it stays on your lips forever! I got this as a gift from my best friend ( Thank you Chloe!) a few years ago and I use it nearly every day but still have so much left.

Would recommend this lip balm to anyone, the colour would look gorgeous on any complexion and it is so glossy and shiny. You can pick one up from your local Body Shop store or online for $5.95 , Let me know if you have tried this lip balm because it truly is my fave!

Caitlin xo


Garnier Pure Active Miceallersing Water

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The Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water All In 1 is the ultimate lazy girl product. This product seriously does everything! Simply splash some on a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. This product removes face, eye and lip products all at once with no rinsing required, could it be any more convenient? This is perfect for travel, one product that removes makeup, purifies the skin and mattifies is the ultimate all in 1.

The Garnier Pure Active range is great for your skin, every product from the range is so purifying and effective. Micellar water draws out all the impurities in your skin and having the acne fighting element really makes this the ultimate product.This product is ideal for oily to combination skin and it has 200 uses per bottle wich is great value for money. Hope you try this awesome micellar water out for yourself.It truly is my go to lazy skin care product.

Caitlin xxoo

Nude By Nature Kabuki Brush

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The Nude By Nature Kabuki brush is unbelievably soft, this is such a great brush and it feels so gorgeous on your skin. This brush is awesome for apply pressed powder, simply swish the brush over it and smooth it onto your face! This brush can blend out your contour, highlight and blush very easily, simply buff the brush over your skin and watch those harsh lines disappear. This brush is PERFECT to apply loose powders with, just touch the brush onto the powder and then tap the base on your table a few time then swish it on your face. A handy trick that I use this brush for is for contouring/bronzing your cheek bones pinch the brush just above the handle and then apply your product with even strokes.

Let me know if you have used this gorgeous kabuki brush before! I would love to know what your thoughts on it are and leave your suggestions for any articles or review you would like to see in the future.

Caitlin xo

Revolution Beyond Flawless

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I love, love, love this eyeshadow palette, it is a great nude palette, it is a reasonable size too with 32 shadows. There is an awesome variety of colours, browns, gold, pink, copper, purple, maroon, beige, silver, steel and black. The shadows are really pigmented, the brush picks them up super easily. There is a great range of mattes and shimmers and the collection, you can create so many looks with them. With this versatile palette, you can create a simple matte nude eye, a smokey eye, a gold eye, a copper eye and 100 combinations in between.

The packaging for this palette is so sleek and gorgeous, The eyeshadows are a nice size and the mirror inside is super handy. I use this palette extremely often and I would recommend this for anybody who is looking for a super versatile palette. Let me know if you have every tried this gorgeous palette.

Caitlin xoxo

Kit Lip Paint – Melon

Kit Cosmetics - Lip Paints - Melon

I recently received a test lipstick in a gorgeous coral pink shade and of course, I used it up incredibly fast. I searched high and low for a similar shade and eventually can across this beautiful lip product in Mecca, as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect. I love this product so much, it is my all time favourite. This colour rich product glides onto your lips so nicely and has a stunning shine. I apply it with a lip brush or just put a dot on my lips and smooth it on with my fingers, a little really goes a long way with this awesome formula.

I would recommend this to anyone who is after a  quality, bright lip colour. These lip paints also come in Pink and Orange wich are gorgeous colours. They would look awesome on all skin tones and can you really go wrong with a gorgeous bright pop of colour? You can pick these up online or in store at Mecca for $18.

Love Caitlin xo

Elf Professional Blending Eye Brush- The best brush EVER!?!?

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The Elf professional blending eye brush is my all time favourite brush, this was the first eyeshadow brush I ever bought and I still use it to this day. This is the ultimate all round eye brush, you can use this for everything as it has soft bristles that are dense enough to pack eyeshadow on but they are still soft enough to blend out the edges. This brush is ideal for beginners and for professionals, it’s a great tool that you can use all over the eyes.

This brush is also ideal for contouring and highlighting! Use this to contour and highlight the brows, lips, nose and to add a defined pop of shimmer on your cheekbones. Seriously though this brush is awesome, I would highly recommend this brush, it is absolutely something you need in your collection. Also for $3 how can you go wrong?

Caitlin x

HD Brows- Eye&Brow Palette

Happy Valentines Day!!! Are you ready to have the most amazing eyebrows and eyeshadow ever, because if you are this is the palette for you! I have never used a more amazing eyebrow palette in my life, this is a must have. My Mum bought this for me as a gift when she was in Scotland last year, it cost 30 pounds. These silicon rich shadows are packed with vitamin E and C to make sure your delicate skin stays nice and soft.

This product comes in 3 shades in order from lightest to darkest: Bombshell, Foxy and Vamp. The powders are extremely pigmented and the double ended brush that comes in the palette is so great. The angled brush lets you create stunning professional eyebrows so easily and the fluffy brush on the other end is great to blend the colours seamlessly into your lids. The highlight shade is the perfect shade to place under the brow bone and the darkest shade is great as an eyeliner!

Let me know if you have used this palette before because I would love to hear your opinions on it. Would definitely recommend this to everyone,

Love Caitlin xo