How to survive exams and assignments in high school!

Here in Australia it’s right in the middle of assessment time and boy is it crazy and stressful. Whether you are a genius or not assignments and exams stress everyone out. Here are some really important tips and tricks on how to manage your assignments and exams.


Make sure you are organised!!! This is the most important thing during assessment time of year. Have a diary or a weekly planner telling you when everything is due so you can make the best of your limited time.


Make sure you don’t do everything on the computer, write some notes in your book. Writing things out is proven to help you remember them better, this is great if you have in class essays.


Make sure you study your topic before you jump into an exam. Exams are mostly relying on knowledge you already know so be sure to have all if the relevant information prepared.


No matter how desperate you are ALWAYS get sleep because you need it for your body and mind to function well. Even if you think you really need to stay up and get that assignment done just remember it is better to wake up early and do it than stay up late to do it.


Remember to listen to some music as you work on things to take away some of the pain of assignments. Music helps to relax you but don’t play it loud or else you may loose concern traction easily.

Good luck with your assignments and try not to get over whelmed. If you follow these tips hopefully your busy assessment time of year won’t be as crazy this time round. Thanks for reading

Love Caitlin

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