Ways too help your skin

I know that you’ve probably been told “drink lots of water, it’s good for you” before but here I am telling you again. Water is essential to everyone and be grateful you have it. Water not only rehydrated your skin but it helps keep away Acne and breakouts. DRINK WATER!


Beauregard to eat heaps of fruit because it can provide you with many skin benefits you may be lacking. The vitamins and minerals on fruit help you body as a whole as well as tasting delicious. Incorporate More fruit into your diet and you are guaranteed too se the results.


Don’t spend too much time in the sun but make sure your getting your correct amount of vitamin D. Going out in the sun won’t affect acne but it will affect the overall health of skin. Before you go out in the sun PLEASE put sun screen on to protect your skin from those damaging UV rays.


Make sure you remove all of the makeup from your face at the end of the day, it only takes a second. Not removing your makeup can lead to bad breakouts because makeup clogs up your pores and that causes breakouts. If you always do this that’s great but if you don’t try as hard as you can too because your skin will reap the benefits.


An old trick that few no about is applying milk to your skin like a face mask a few times a week. Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals thus it helps your skin immensely and helps control acne and even skin tone. Give it a try

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