How to apply fake eyelashes

Fake eye lashes are a beautiful accessory to anyone’s makeup, they add a touch of glam and really make your eyes POP.


Go for a more natural looking lash if your are only wearing them for fun and don’t get any expensive ones, the only thing you need to be quality is glue but we’ll get to that.


Measure your fake lash against you eye and adjust if you need to by carefully trimming with scissors.


Then apply the glue, you don’t need much, to the lashes and gently blow on it once or twice.


Now carefully place the lash on your eye starting at the outer edge and sticking it down until you reach the middle. Keep your eye closed for a few seconds and slowly blink to see if it is ok. It will feel really weird at first but don’t worry you will get used to it. Repeat process with other eye.

When removing the lashes just jump in a warm shower and let’s the shower steam up then gently peel away the lashes from the outside inwards. Make sure to use a good make up remover because if any leftover glue is still on your eyelid it can irritate your eye.


I love using the model co lashes and glue and would highly recommend checking them out. (I was not paid to say that, it’s my honest opinion)

Thanks for reading, leave any questions in the comments

Love Caitlin

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