Happy Valentine day everyone


Weather you taken and in love or single and proud valentines day is a day when you can show your love and appreciation to all of the special people in your life. If you have a partner today is the day to show that extra bit of love and do something sweet for them. I know many people argue and say ‘you should love eachother everyday and yes I totally agree but today is an extra special day of love.

Now if your single and loving it that’s awsome! But today is also a day to show love to all of your friends and family. Maybe you could get together with all of your girlfriends and go for lunch or go shopping? Whatever makes you feel happy.

Today is also an excuse to get dressed up and make yourself feel beautiful. Don’t do it for anyone but you!!! Now you may even choose valentines day to tell that special guy or girl that you have feelings for them, now there’s a thought? You could even leave them an anonymous love note or rose and watch them secretly try to find out who delivered it.

What ever position you are in have a day full of love

Love Caitlin xx

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