Bic Soleil Glow ladies razor review

I was sent a few of Bic’s new razors to try out and I for one an very impressed! I just love these razors and there are many reasons why. First thing I noticed was the packaging:

   Isn’t it so cute?!?! I love the pastels colours and the awsome creative design. The packet has every last bit of information you could need.  

The packet comes with three razors, a pink a green and a purple. The razors are soooo comfy to hold and have 3 blades. They also have a moisturising strip to keep your skin soft and they have a great swivel head that adjusts to all your curves.  

  Actually using the razors was a very impressing. I loved the way the handle was so comfy to hold and the razor just glided over my legs. The hair was cut so close to the skin but I was left with no irritation or ingrown hairs even on my sensitive skin. 
I am seriously impressed with these razors and will 100% be repurchasing them when I need more. They are great and I would recomed them to anyone. My favourite feature on the razors would have to be the cover for the blade, it makes for easy travel and protects the blades so they last longer.

Love Caitlin
A big thanks to Caitlin Hindmarsh and the team at Bic for sending me these awesome product to try out. 

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