Do What Makes YOU Happy!

I know I haven’t posted a ‘chatty’ post in a while but I just felt like I needed to get this message ou there loud and clear DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! I feel like there are so many people, especially teenagers, who are struggling to keep up. We shouldn’t feel pressured by societies impossible standards and expectations but to be honest we often are. Now days parents are so often pressuring their children into going to University and doing jobs that they will never be happy in. For example I asked somene the other day what they wanted to do when they were older and they said “dentist” and I said “really?”. I can hardly imagine that someone would choose to be a dentist not for the money. I mean, honestly, do a job you feel passionate about, something that you wake up everyday wanting to do.

I for one would love to be a primary school teacher. I am only striving to become a teacher because I believe it is a privilege to teach people and share my knowledge. Doing something for the love of it is why you should be choosing a job.

Hope you all take this into consideration and dont fall under the pressure. Just do what you want to and don’t let anyone tell you not to do it!

Caitlin xx

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