Autumn Look Book

Hello to all of my girls in the southern hemisphere! This look book is for you, summer is slowly starting to disappear so warmer clothes need to be brought out. I put together a couple of outfits for the autumn time. I wanted these outfits to be timeless, they can be worn year after year and still be on trend. Enjoy!

Autumn Look 1

In this first outfit there is:

  • Nude lace up boots
  • Nude felt hat
  • Dark blue denim high wasted jeans
  • Black high neck singlet
  • Gold bracelet with crystals

Autumn Look 2

In this next outfit:

  • White high neck singlet
  • Black leather skater skirt
  • Oversize knit jumper
  • White wedges
  • Gold bangle

If you wanted to wear this in cooler weather you could totally swap out the wedges for some boots and put on some simple tights to make this outfit more practical!

Autumn Look 3

This outfit is a bit more suited to the cooler part of autumn:

  • Cream turtle neck long sleeved shirt
  • Dark blue high wasted jeans
  • Brown and Cream vest
  • Black leather boots
  • Gold bangle with accents

You could throw a nice warm coat over the top of this outfit to warm yourself up if were you are is a bit chilly!


Hope you enjoyed this look book, let me know if you try any of these outfits out by emailing me. Check out my Pintrest account for more information!

Caitlin xx

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