How to get ready for a formal event

Hi! I’m guessing you are here to check out some tips and tricks on getting ready for your next formal event.Maybe it’s a school formal or maybe you are going to the theater or a wedding? Whatever the event is this outline will help you be best prepared to be amazing at your next event.

Weeks or months before your event you need to figure out what you are wearing,some things to consider when choosing an outfit:

  • Colours
  • Length
  • One piece or two piece
  • Do you need a jacket or cardigan
  • What shoes are you wearing
  • What it the weather likely to be like
  • Should you be getting some flats for your bag

These points should help you come up with a rough idea of what you will need. Once you have actually chosen the outfit and shoes you are wearing it is time to think about these things and book them if necessary:

  • What jewelry are you wearing
  • What clutch or bag are you taking
  • Do you need that jacket or cardigan
  • Do your shoes match
  • Do you need spare shoes
  • Do you need to buy specific underwear or a bra
  • What hairstyle
  • What nails
  • What makeup

Once the time of your event is near, perhaps a week before, take your outfit out of your garment bag and try it on. Every single piece of your outfit should be on you, jewelry and bags should be modeled as well. Also now would be a great time to check on any appointment you made or to paint your nails.

Now it’s actually time for your event!If you are traveling ensure you have everything you need packed and your outfit is in a garment bag. Give yourself PLENTY of time to get ready, especially if you are doing your own hair and makeup. Now go out and have an awesome time. Remember don’t worry if your hair starts falling out, don’t stress it if your shoe gets a scuff or your nail polish chips. Just enjoy yourself and be confident, feel beautiful and do it for yourself.



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