OPI Soft Shades Mini Lacquer Mini Pack- Review


I recently received the gorgeous soft shades mini pack from OPI and I absolutely love them. The packaging is so cute and the mini bottles are adorable, such a practical size! The bottles are the perfect size to try out a new colour without having to buy full sized bottles. I have always loved the OPI nail polish names and these four are no exception, they are just too cute! The nail polish had a beautiful shine and I only  needed two thin coats for the colour to be nice and bold. I used “Stop I’m Blushing” and I thought is was a very flattering and a really nice colour. The nail polish started to chip very slightly around the top edge after a few days wich I was upset about, I’ve never had any problems before with their nail polish so I was surprised to see this. Overall I really liked the polishes and I am looking forward to trying out all four eventually, I would recommend you give these a go and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or heading over to my Contact page and sending me a message. Thanks again to the PR team at Coty!

Take a look: http://opi.com/color/softshades-nail-lacquer-mini-pack#QMPyTZz7xreBiY4S.97




And thank you all for 1000 views! I’m so glad my blog has been recieving more traffic and I really appreciate you all.

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