OGX O2 Shampoo, Conditioner and Lifting Tonic- Review


OGX has a collection of beautiful products and the O2 range is just amazing. My hair had was so light and soft once I used these three amazing products just a few times. The packaging on these is so adorable and I love the double layered lifting tonic, it looks amazing and I love the way these look.

Al three products smell delicious and a little bit goes a long way. My hair isn’t fine but I gave these to a friend who has very fine hair so she could help me test them out on different types of hair. On both fine hair and average hair, the shampoo and conditioner volumised our hair and it felt soft and clean. The lifting tonic worked amazingly on both hair types and dried up extremely quickly so its great when you are styling your hair.

I would definatley reccomend these beautiful products to anyone but especially those with fine hair who are looking for some volume. You can pick these amazing products up at your local pharmacy, supermarket or retailer.

Take a look at some of the other products ive done reviews on here:




Check out OGX’s website to find a store near you to pick some up for yourself!




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