The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a beautiful natural product that is super affordable, smells amazing and has a HUGE range of uses. Coconut oil helps your body stay healthy inside and out, this is why it is an essential in not only the kitchen but your makeup bag too. Coconut oil is amazing for skin and hand, it acts as a beautiful natural alternative to loads of things.

Coconut oil is amazing for skin  it acts as a high-intensity moisturiser, it is great for your face and I love to use a really small amount on my face at night when i have dry skin. It is awesome to use on your legs after shaving and as a really nice natural lip balm. Coconut oil is great for at home DIY’s and you can check out my new DIY body scrub coming soon that uses coconut oil.Coconut oil is really good to put on the ends of your hair before showering, use it like a mask on dry hair then leave it to set for 15-20 mins and wash your hair with warm water as normal.

Coconut oil is such a versatile product and is in lots of beauty products. You can find a million ways to use it so let me know what your favorite use for the wonderous Coconut Oil is! remember it will turn to liquid above 24 degrees celsius so keep it in a cool spot unless you want it liquefied. Scooping some into a small container, microwaving it and then letting it solidify is a great way to take a little bit away with you without needing to fit the whole jar in. Here is where to find some in your country:


United States:

United Kingdom:


Let me know if coconut oil makes it into your beauty essential and have a fabulous week

Caitlin xx

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