Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner- Review

Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo with Colour RevitaliserDove Hair Therapy Colour Radiance Conditioner  320mL


Hi there lovelies! hope you’ve had a happy week so far, I’m back again with another quick review on a product I have been using for such a long time, it’s definitely one of my staples. The Dove Colour Radiance shampoo and conditioner are beautiful products that do wonders for coloured and highlighted hair. Whilst I have never dyed my entire head of hair I use highlighting sprays [watch out for an article on hair lightening soon!] wich damage my hair if I am not careful and the colour fades just like any other.

I use these products together every 2-3 days depending and I love how soft and clean my hair feels after every wash. The formula goes a long way and the shampoo lathers perfectly, these are so nice and easy to use. I noticed a massive change in how often i had to touch up my colour, these kept it bright and fresh for so much longer, would 100% recommend to anyone with dyed or highlighted hair or anyone you just wants soft beautiful clean hair!

Pick them up from Priceline, Woolworths or coles and please tell me what you think, check out my about page for more details on contacting me.


Have a lovely week and keep smiling,

Caitlin xxoo


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