Pure Tan- Review

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Pure Tan was kind enough to send me three of the most incredible self-tanners I have ever used. I am a dancer so I have used my fair share of fake tans so when I find one like this I am extremely impressed.

The Pure Tan Dark Instant Tanning Lotion is non-streaky and doesn’t transfer onto clothes or sheets easily. It makes your skin feel so soft and moisturised after you use it, and it is super easy to apply with the Pure Tan applicator mitt.  This tan is dark, if you have a pale complexion steer clear unless you want that really dark look. This tan would be ideal for people with a tan or olive complexion, I use this tan for a super dark look when I am competing in dance competitions.

The Pure Tan Rapid Tan One Hour is truly a game changer for time-saving tans. I love this tanning product so much, the ultimate tan for everyone. This tan comes with me everywere because no matter what colour tan I have on this can top it up perfectly. Leaving it for one hour give such a natural bronzed glow but two hours is more noticabley tan. Three hours it a much deeper tan but it still looks fabulous. This tan is amazingly quick and it a must have for those of us who dont have time to wait 5 hours for a tan to develop.

The Pure Tan Graual Tan is an amazing tanning product for everyone who want a nice sunkissed glow. I gave this to a friend of mine with a more pale complexion to see what she thought, she loved it. The tan smelt delicious and gave her a natural glow that she loved, she says it was her favorite gradual tan she has used.

Let me know your thoughts on these amazing tanning products! Thanks again to the team at pure tan for sending these to me.


Caitlin xo


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