Nude By Nature Voyage Brushes

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Just before I go any further these are hands down THE BEST brushes I have ever used. The Nude by Nature Voyage brush collection is absolutely gorgeous! It is such an amazing collection that has all the essentials, I would recommend this for professionals and beginners alike. These brushes are amazing quality, the bristles are so incredibly soft and you can clearly see how much effort went into the design.

The double eneded eyebrow brush has a great angle brush on one end for powders and pomades and a spoolie on the other. The lip brush is perfect for applying any lip products with and is very easy to clean in between uses. The small eyeshadow brush is very dense and it is a fabulous all f=rounder brush, i love to apply my crease and lashline colour as it has a tapered end. The large eyeshadow brush is amazing for applying base colours and blending out any lines as it is super fluffy and soft. The eyeliner brush is amazing for allpying gel liner or shadows for an intense or soft look. The concealer brush is an amazing size, perfect for getting into crevices and it a great shape for apply your concealer flawlessly. The liquid foundation brush is amazing, it smooths the product onto your skin so nicely, it can be a little streaky in places but nothing that cant be solves with the next brush. The dense buffing brush blends out your foundation and concealer seamlessly for a beautiful finish. The angled brush is a great brush for contour, highlight and blush, it glides over the cheek contours for seamless application. Finally the powder brush is so soft and fluffy, it picks up powders very well and smooths them onto the skin for a smooth finish.

Hope you try these brushes out! they truly are my favorites and I always reach for them.

Caitlin xxx




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