ECO Tools Lovely Looks Set- review


This such a great brush set for on the go and for someone who is new to makeup and just needs the basics. I love how easy they are to use and store, the box comes with a ‘how to’ guide on the functionality of each brush wich is super helpful if you’re still learning.

It contains a fluffy powder and blush brush which is super soft and picks up the powder really well. The foundation brush is the perfect tool for applying any foundations or BB creams, super easy to use and with correct use gives you a nice even finish. The eyeshadow brush is very dense and grabs onto your shadows so easily, it is the perfect shape and can be used for blending as well as applying. I don’t know how I have been using my eyeliner all this time without this incredible flat eyeliner brush, so easy to use and can give a soft natural line as well as a fierce cat eye. The lip brush in this set is the perfect shape for lining and filling lips in with your favourite colour, super easy to use and I honestly love it.

This set is perfect, it has all the essentials and they are amazing quality. Tell me what you think of this brush set if you try it out!

Love Caitlin xoxo

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