Mecca Beauty Queen Beauty Palette- Perfect Shimmer Palette


I’m back guys! This palette is amazing, I am so excited to share these eyeshadows with you. First of all the packaging is totally stunning, it feels nice and sturdy and the pink, white and gold is such a cute look! Opening up this palette you see all these stunning glittery eyeshadows with the gorgeous marble effect, I love the fact these are all shimmery because its the perfect addition to the million matte brown eyeshadows I already own. This is a beautiful addition to my collection, the mint green has to be my favorite colour in this collection.

These shadows all have a shimmering finish and they do have a little fall out in the pan but that’s the case with all pigmented eyeshadows. There is a nice variety of colours that you don’t normally find in an eyeshadow palette. I like the formula of these because you can spread a small amount of product over your lid for a soft shimmer or you can pack the colour on over concealer or with a damp brush for a serious punch of colour.

I would totally recommend this eyeshadow palette from mecca max! I loved this palette and I really hope they bring this in as a permanent addition to the collection because it really is beautiful. I will be posting some looks with this palette on my Instagram in the future so go check it out


Hope you enjoy!

Caitlin xx

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