Too Faced Bullet Proof Brows Review

Too Faced - Bulletproof Brows - Universal Taupe

This is my new favorite eyebrow product! Doing my eyebrows is one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine and I have long been a massive fan of powders as I once purchased a brow pomade/ gel and hated it. I love Too Faced product so I figured I would try this out and I am so glad I did because I am obsessed!!! The shade range could be better but apart from that, I have no negatives.

I purchased the universal taupe shade and it works perfectly for my brow colour, I really enjoy the formula, the packaging is great and it comes with a brush! The formula is waxy enough ta it stays all day but it’s easy to work with to create clean lines on the eyebrows. I can’t get over how long this stuff lasts, I can go for the entire day with this product on my brows, i swear I could even sleep in it and it would still be perfect. I like the packaging because it really keeps it from drying out and it has a little mirror in there which is awesome for on the go. The brush it comes with is actually great too, it’s nice and thin and stays that way even after washing it, the spoolie is also very handy to have.

Overall such a great brow product to create natural or dramatic brows, will definitely repurchase this! Hope you buy this from mecca maxima and love it as much as me.


Caitlin xx

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