Lush Honey Shampoo Bar

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I recently tried out the LUSH ‘honey I washed my hair’ shampoo bar and I have so many good things to say about it. I was a little skeptical about using a shampoo bar, I thought it might be weird to use and I thought I would use it up really quickly but I am shocked at how much I like it. I love how this smells, applies and makes my hair feel, it is just fantastic.

This shampoo bar is said to last 2-3 times longer than a regular bottle of shampoo, I was so happy to hear this and this little bar is definitely living up to this claim. I just wet my hair then work up a decent lather with the bar in my hands and massage it into my hair. I find this shampoo soothing on my scalp but my hair always feels very clean and soft. I often don’t use a conditioner when I use this bar and my hair still feels soft and lovely. I have hair that gets oily quickly at the roots but the ends of my hair can get dry quickly because I tend to use heat styling tools often and there is only so much heat protectors can do. Overall I would totally recommend this shampoo bar, it works amazingly and LUSH products are all ethically made and this product is packaging free so its great for the environment as well as your hair

If this variety of shampoo bar doesn’t sound like the thing for you LUSH has heaps of different shampoo bars for all different hair types all filled with natural goodness. I hope you give these a go because I am totally obsessed and will not be changing back to my old shampoo!

Caitlin xx

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