Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- Worth the Hype?


The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is much loved by makeup wearers everywhere. I wondered if it was worth all the hype and if it actually worked and made my makeup last longer and look better. Overall I love it, I was surprised and very happy with the way this setting spray worked.

The spray is nice, doesn’t leave dots on my face and it’s a nice fine mist. I do need to point out that is smells not so great though, but that doesn’t really bother me. I find this setting spray keeps my makeup on extremely well, it keeps my foundation from cracking, keeps my face/eyes crease free and extends the wear of my lipstick. I am so impressed at the visible difference this made! My sister borrowed this and she worked for 12 hours running around doing an event and her makeup still looked great at the end of the day.

I was hesitant to buy because for the price tag, $50 for 118ml is a fair amount and I can see why some people would be turned off by this. It does bug me that the second ingredient is alcohol, spraying that on your skin everyday isnt the best so this product is much more suited to use only when you need your makeup to stay for a long time.

I would recommend this product though, it kept my makeup looking gorgeous through sweating, stress, a cold and a 10 hour day combined. If you’re hunting for a great setting spray this is wonderful and work very well.

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