Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow Review


These glittery gorgeous liquid eyeshadows seem to be the biggest and best new thing for anyone looking for maximum impact with minimum effort. I can tell you straight up I am a huge fan of these and have purchased 4 different shades. They come in a variety of finishes and at the moment I know they have a few three packs available over Christmas for a great price if you are looking to try them out. I Have the shades Diamond Dust (Pictured above), Kitten Karma, Gold Goddess, and Perlina.

Kitten Karma is a beautiful soft champagne glitter with reflects of silver and copper, and Gold Goddess is a stunning antique gold with silver glitter. I love putting these shades all over my eyelid or layering them with a rose gold or gold shadow underneath.

Diamond Dust is a silver base with multicoloured sparkles and is the most shimmery reflective eye product I have ever seen, Perlina is a stunning white with opalescent shimmers and an iridescent look. I love using these right in my inner corner for the most gorgeous inner corner highlight ever seen or swiping them all over my lid for crazy shimmer and shine.

These liquid eyeshadows las incredibly well and don’t smudge or move around, they are easy enough to take off with makeup remover so you aren’t left with glitter hanging around on your face all week. Would absolutely recommend these, they are gorgeous and every time I wear any of them people ask me what’s on my eyes.


Enjoy them!

Caitlin xx

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