Summer 2020 Skin Care Routine

Hello! Below is my current skin care routine, I have oily and sensitive skin and have tried so many different products to try and find something that works for me. At the moment I am pretty happy with what I have found but there are so many products out there I am yet to discover, everyones skincare needs are so unique but if you have oily or sensitive skin like me I hope this helps you out!

Firstly I remove my makeup with the SUKIN foaming facial cleanser, I really enjoy using this product because it easily removes my makeup without me having to scrub my face or use 100 makeup wipes.

Next I use the Keihls Calendula foaming wash to just wash any impurities and soothe my skin. This face wash has a nice cooling effect and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean of any dirt or oils.

If I am feeling particularly dry or my skin is not looking bright I will go in with the Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel to get rid of all the dead skin cells and keep my face smooth. I love this product because I have sensitive skin so exfoliating with physical exfoliants leaves my skin red, swollen and irritated no matter what so this gives the smoothed over and glowing look without the scrubbing. Honestly I was so surprised how well this peel worked, my dead skin cells just fall right off and my face feel amazing and smooth.

If I’m in the mood for a face mask i have been loving the Sephora Collection Green tea sheet mask, it is so relaxing and soothing on the skin and it leaves my skin nice and fresh.

The night cream I am using at the moment is the Palmers moisture rich night cream, I feel very moisturised when I apply this to my skin, it smells amazing and personally I like a thicker cream for overnight and this takes a while to soak in but isn’t sticky or greasy.

A stranger part of my skin care routine is my newest addition, the Laniege lip sleep mask in the vanilla scent. I get very dry lips because I talk all day at work and am very forgetful when applying lip balms. This lip mask isn’t sticky or heavy its just like a luxurious lip balm but leaves my lips so moisturised and soft I have experienced an immediate improvement in how dry my lips get. Would 100% recommend if you suffer from dry lips or just want your lips to be softer and more lush.

For my daily moisturiser I am using the Calendula Water Cream which is a very lightweight and has a soothing serum feel on the skin. I have oily sensitive skin and this cream has worked wonders already in the few weeks I have been using it and my makeup applies beautifully over the top.

Rolling my face with my rose quartz face roller is a little bit fun and very extra but I feel my skin de-puffing and its very soothing especially under my eyes. I love how it really massages the product into my skin and cools on a hot morning.

The most important step of my skin care routine is my To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen, to protect my skin without adding any oils I apply this all over my face and neck every morning. A must have in everyones skin care routine.


Thanks for reading!

Caitlin xx

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