Essential Oils That Assist With Air Purification And Wellness



During this difficult time regarding COVID-19 we are all looking for some extra ways to improve our health and wellbeing. In addition to all of the advice provided by the Government and the World Health Organisation, there are a few things we can all do in our daily lives to boost our health. Always check your allergies and the allergies of pets and people around you before using essential oils and seek medical advice if you are unsure or pregnant. Here is a link to the advice from the WHO and I would encourage everyone to have a read and stay safe.

My favourite way to use essential oils in in a water diffuser as I find this diffuses the oils in a large area whilst maintaining the beneficial properties. Some other great ways to use them are in oil burners with water, a few drops in your bath or the corners of the shower, mixed into a lotion for your body or in boiling bowl of water to diffuse fragrance with steam.

I personally find oils much more effective when heat is not used however everyone has different experiences and it is important to do what works best for you. Depending on the benefits you need from the essential oils there are so many options available, I will be focusing on air purifying and wellness related oils today.

I purchase my essential oils from Dusk as they are 100% natural and come in a great range of blends that work for me

Eucalyptus Oil

Pure Eucalyptus oil is the most beneficial oil for the respiratory system and functions as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory and antiseptic. I often mix this oil in with my other blends (usually Breath Easy) as I find the benefits are boosted when this is in my diffuser, It smells fresh and clean and is a must have essential oil.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a very calming and soothing scent, it helps to promote balance in the mind and body and is wonderful for unwinding after a stressful day. This oil possess antibacterial and antiviral properties, the best way I use lavender oil is mixing a few drops with my body moisturiser and letting it soak int my skin as well as breathing in this relaxing fragrance before bed.

Peppermint Oil

This is a super fresh oil that is awakening and helps to stimulate your mind, this also functions as an anaesthetic and antiseptic. I love using peppermint oil during the day when I am studying or working form home, its particularly nice mixed with the study blend for and extra pick me up.

Breath Easy Blend

The Breath Easy Blend is my go to oil, i use it day and night and cannot recommend it to enough people. I suffer from severe Asthma so anything that helps relive my symptoms is a major yes in my book. It’s the perfect oil to use in the cold and flu season through winter to keep those stuffy noses at bay and refresh your lungs.  A must have oil!

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil has long been used in Chinese Traditional medicine to relive stress and promote happiness. This oil may be used as an antidepressant as well as relaxing nerves and reducing tension. I love using this oil on any days I am feeling particularly busy or anxious, popping this in my diffuser and having a nice warm cup of jasmine tea (My fave is the Coles brand) is the perfect way to destress.

Sleep Assist Blend

If you have trouble sleeping you need this oil in your life, it smells divine and is ultra relaxing, the perfect scent for your bedroom to soothe your soul after a long day. The Lavender helps with relaxation, the Eucalyptus with breathing, the bergamot with relaxation, the lemon with breathing and all together they create a beautiful scent that will quiet even the busiest minds.

Study Blend

As a little extra the study blend has been non stop pumping in my diffuser near my desk since university and work have moved online from home. Its a super fresh and zesty blend, I love adding a few drops of Eucalyptus in there too. It’s a great oil to to promote concentration and keep you feeling awake in those long hours behind a computer screen.

Overall I would highly reccomend including essential oil in your routine, especially at the moment when we can all use any health benefit available. Apart form smelling amazing these oils have real benefits and are great for so many different purposes, there is a blend or oil suitable fir everyone.


Caitlin xx

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