Favorite Candles for Autum- lots of spices and vanilla

As the weather start to cool down I find myself bringing out the warm and comforting fragrances I’ve stashed away in my candle collection. I love to burn candles to fragrance my space, I pretty much have something burning all the time. I buy my candles from a few different places, Bath and Body Works, Dusk, Glasshouse Fragrances, Sand & Fog, Peppermint Grove and Yankee candles when I can find them. I personally love spicy, warm, sweet fragrances in cooler months and a fruity or refreshing fragrance for the warmer seasons. Below I will share some of my all time favourites.

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Birch: This fragrance is a beautiful mix of woody and creamy, the ultimate comfort fragrance. This candle makes you want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a warm blanket, if you like sweet warm fragrances this is a must have.


Sand and fog Tahitian Vanilla (Parafin): A beautiful mix of vanilla and chocolate, this is a delightful fragrance and I just love having this burn during the day for some warm and comforting fragrance in my house.

12oz Tahitian Vanilla

Dusk Black Gold (Soy, coconut & beeswax): The ultimate luxury, this candle isn’t your typical warm fragrance but it smells expensive and comforting. If your looking for a splash of luxury in your space this is a divine fragrance, fair warning you’ll buy the whole range once you smell this.


Dusk Vanilla and Spice (Soy): The perfect balance of spice, vanilla caramel, marshmallow and musk. This is a beautiful fragrance and might make you hungry, it reminds me of a vanilla waffle cone and is perfect for people who love a little sweetness in their space. would reccomend the 3 wick variety if you have a large space to fill, the smaller sizes are perfect for the bathroom or study for an extra boost of fragrance.


Glasshouse Fragrances Taha (Soy): An absolute classic, this delicious caramel candle will have your whole house smelling divine. This is a must have for anyone who loves sweet dessert fragrances, it might make you hungry but it is so worth it.

A Tahaa Affair


I seriously hope you give these a go, having a candle burning is such a perfect way to liven up your workspace or add a cosy feel to your bedroom.

– Caitlin

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