Revo watermelon lip balm- review

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This lip balm smells delicious, it is super moisturising and the packaging is so cute! I mean this thing looks like a real watermelon, it’s adorable. This lip balm contains Vitamin E and Aloe for the softest lips ever. Vitamin E and Aloe are so great for your skin and this stuff stays on even through meals. I have used bucketfuls of lip balm in my life and this is definitely one of my faves.

You can buy this lip balm for $4.99 from Woolworths and it is a 7g lip balm wich is great value compared to an average 4g lip balms. Hope you try this great product out, let me know your thoughts!

Caitlin xo


Lux soft caress moisturising body wash- review

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This body wash smells absolutely amazing, it is good enough to eat. I would highly recommend this, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. Vanilla is my favourite scent and when I smelt this product in Priceline I knew that I totally needed it! The 400ml bottle is a perfect size, you can keep it int he shower at home or take it away for the week on holidays without it taking up to much space.

I hope you try this amazing body wash out, I highly recommend it and if vanilla isn’t for you passion spell is also amazing. You can pick these up for $4.99 from Priceline in store or online today.

Caitlin xx

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub- Review

The Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub is a really unique and different to any face scrub I  have ever used. This product is a powder that activates into a creamy exfoliating scrub once you mix it with a little bit of water. There is nothing like this out there, baking soda is amazing for purifying your skin so I was super excited to try this out. My skin felt amazing after I used this, it exfoliated everything away so gently and I noticed my skin clearing up dramatically within a few days.

I would definitely recommend this for combination skin, it is a perfect product and works alongside the other Biore products perfectly. This is great for getting all of the nasty stuff out of your pores, your skin feels brand new when you use it. You can pick this up from Priceline from for $8 to $10.

Caitlin xoxo

Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion

NIVEA In Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner

Nivea never fails when it comes to skin care, I use their moisturiser every day and have used this lotion for ages! This is the ultimate lazy girl product, just smooth it on after you wash your skin and have silky soft skin as soon as you jump out the shower. This product eliminates the sticky mess regular lotion makes and allows you to moisturise without that 10-minute wait before you get dressed.

You can grab this awesome product for $5.39 at Priceline, let me know your thoughts on this and I would 100% recommend this.

Caitlin xo

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water- Review

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The Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water All In 1 is the ultimate lazy girl product. This product seriously does everything! Simply splash some on a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. This product removes face, eye and lip products all at once with no rinsing required, could it be any more convenient? This is perfect for travel, one product that removes makeup, purifies the skin and mattifies is the ultimate all in 1.

The Garnier Pure Active range is great for your skin, every product from the range is so purifying and effective. Micellar water draws out all the impurities in your skin and having the acne fighting element really makes this the ultimate product.This product is ideal for oily to combination skin and it has 200 uses per bottle wich is great value for money. Hope you try this awesome micellar water out for yourself.It truly is my go to lazy skin care product.

Caitlin xxoo

Fountain Charcoal Clay Mask- Review


The team at Fountain Cosmetics was lovely enough to send me this amazing face mask and I absolutely love it. The mask is really easy to apply with the hand pump top and it leaves you with a hilarious charcoal coloured face. I loooooved the way my skin felt after I used this, I have found a serious reduction in acne after I started using this a few time a week. It is a very soothing and gentle face mask this is great for all types of skin, it’s a perfect mask for everyone! This fantastic product is only $28 and can be purchased here:


would highly recommend you try this out, its a great product and used along side their other products you will be left with beautiful glowing skin. I would love to hear your opinion on this product so let me know if you have used it before.


Caitlin xx