Rimmel Magnif’eyes double ended shadow and liner- review


This is an extremely long wearing product, I love how shimmery they are and they are the perfect addition to any eyeshadow look. The eye pencil end can be used as a great highlight shade and is amazing to do cut creases with. Just drag the pencil over your lid and it’s amazing! The eyeshadow shade is awesome to create really clean lines, it’s difficult to blend out but that’s a great thing for certain looks.

Rimmel has some awesome product and at $16.95 from Priceline, this is an amazing deal, let me know what your fave of the four shades is! Mine is the one pictured above, bronze and gold.

Caitlin xo


Model Co lip laquer, high pigment lip gloss- creme brulee


The best nude lip gloss out there, it’s the perfect lip colour without verging on the dreaded concealer lip look. This is so moisturising and there is heaps of product in the tube, it is ultra gloss giving that gorgeous shine to any nude coloured lipstick. Its smells absolutely delicious, super sweet, and it isn’t sticky and gross like most lip glosses. It applies beautifully, the applicator is a great shape and the packaging is super classy.

The perfect shade to wear this over the top of is the model co perfect pout semi matte lipstick in Bondi, this can change the look if this lipstick completely and give it a new glossy finish. I hope you all try this out, this colour is stunning but the other shades are gorgeous too, one of my other faves is Morocco.

Caitlin xoxo

Chi Chi creamy matte liquid lipstick-review


These beautiful liquid lipsticks are amazing, there is a colour to suit everyone in this collection but I’ve picked out my four go-to shades.

Flirt: pinky beige nude, goes with everything! this is my absolute favourite colour

Socialte: baby pink, looks beautiful with a pale shimmery eyeshadow and soft girly makeup.

Crazy In Love: dusty pink, pairs perfectly with a bronze makeup look

Drama Queen: berry, the perfect statement colour, goes well with a smokey eye for a dramatic look or a nude eye for a cute but bold daily look.


You can grab these babies for $16.95 on the Chi Chi website or in target and few other stores. Hope you give these amazing lippies a go!

Caitlin xx

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub- Review

The Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub is a really unique and different to any face scrub I  have ever used. This product is a powder that activates into a creamy exfoliating scrub once you mix it with a little bit of water. There is nothing like this out there, baking soda is amazing for purifying your skin so I was super excited to try this out. My skin felt amazing after I used this, it exfoliated everything away so gently and I noticed my skin clearing up dramatically within a few days.

I would definitely recommend this for combination skin, it is a perfect product and works alongside the other Biore products perfectly. This is great for getting all of the nasty stuff out of your pores, your skin feels brand new when you use it. You can pick this up from Priceline from for $8 to $10.

Caitlin xoxo

My go to nail colour- OPI bubble bath

Image result for opi nail polish bubble bath

This nail polish from OPI is a stunning colour that is perfect for all times of the year, this is such a stunning nude pink. I love OPI nail polish, they weres one of the first nail polishes I used when my mum would paint my toenails for the summer holidays. Their nail polish lasts forever, it rarely chips and it is crazy glossy even without any topcoat.

This nail colour looks stunning on its own, You can add some silver diamontes or some glitter polish over the top for that extra bit of bling. A gorgeous top coat to go over the top of this would be OPI’s petal soft nail lacquer. You can grab this amazing colour from MYER or many other stores. Hope you give this a go!!!

Caitlin x

Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion

NIVEA In Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner

Nivea never fails when it comes to skin care, I use their moisturiser every day and have used this lotion for ages! This is the ultimate lazy girl product, just smooth it on after you wash your skin and have silky soft skin as soon as you jump out the shower. This product eliminates the sticky mess regular lotion makes and allows you to moisturise without that 10-minute wait before you get dressed.

You can grab this awesome product for $5.39 at Priceline, let me know your thoughts on this and I would 100% recommend this.

Caitlin xo

Essence eyebrow stylist set in natural blonde- review

This is my daily eyebrow product, I have been using this for about 6 months and still have about a third of it left wich is great for $5.10. This is constantly sold out in my local Target and Priceline, it’s easy to see why! This product goes on sooooo easily and lasts until I take my makeup off at night. I wear this every day for school and it’s the perfect handbag eyebrow kit. The brush is ok but I prefer to use my own, the kit comes with stencils as well wich actually work very well and would be useful for people who have never filled int heir eyebrows. I use the lightest colour to fill in the inner third of my brows and I fill the rest in with the darkest shade.

I would definitely recommend you try this out, brow powder is super easy to use and this is a great one. Let me know if you’ve ever used it and tell me your thoughts.

Caitlin xx